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17 OCT 2016

Robert Courts raises A40 congestion with Transport Secretary Chris Grayling

Robert Courts was joined by the Secretary of State for Transport on Saturday to discuss congestion on the A40.

Chris Grayling MP heard about the challenges faced by local residents and was shown some of the worst trouble spots.
Following the meeting, the Transport Secretary said: "It was very helpful to hear from Robert about some of the main causes of congestion on the A40.

"It is one of the roads where we need to think more strategically about how it can be developed and improved in the future.
"I think Robert will be a great local MP for Witney and West Oxfordshire. He is already fighting battles like this and making the case for the constituency."

As part of his 5-point plan for Witney and West Oxfordshire, Robert is campaigning for better roads, trains and buses.
Robert Courts said: "We need urgent action to relieve congestion on the A40. That is why I invited the Transport Secretary to Witney to see first-hand some of the issues faced by motorists.'

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