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This petition has now been presented to Parliament - with thousands of signatures from local residents - watch Robert present the petition below:

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Robert Courts


To the House of Commons,

The petition of residents of Witney and West Oxfordshire,

Declares that current high levels of traffic congestion on the A40 between Witney and Oxford have become unsustainable and the residents of Witney and West Oxfordshire require a permanent solution; further that the Government should bring forward funding for improvements to be made to the A40; further that West Oxfordshire residents and businesses unduly suffer due to current poor provision for roads, cycleways and public transport; further that changes should be made to the A40 to ensure the area's ongoing commercial and residential success; further that with plans for significant further development at the Oxfordshire Cotswolds Garden Village, alongside other projected growth in the area, the aforementioned factors will continue to worsen over time.

The petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons urges the Department of Transport in Her Majesty's Government to offer funding and relevant expertise to provide a long-term, permanent solution to the congestion issues on the A40 as soon as possible.

And the petitioners remain, etc.

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