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09 FEB 2017


A number of my constituents have subscribed to e-campaigning websites which produce regular automated campaign emails to MPs. I am always very happy to provide responses, but a number of my constituents suggested that, rather than sending formal responses, to save the taxpayer money and for the purposes of speed, I should make these available electronically - a suggestion I have decided to adopt. As such you can find my responses to all of these lobby campaigns below.

Of course, if you are a subscriber to these e-campaigning websites and still wish to receive a traditional hard-copy response, please do let me know and I will happily organise for you to receive one!

Many campaigns emails ask me to sign a specific Early Day Motion (EDMs).  I have explained here why I do not sign these.

25.09.17 Song Birds in Cyprus

21.07.17 A Place to Call Home

21.07.17 Animal Cruelty 

21.07.17 Animal Testing EDM66

19.07.17 Arthritis

11. 07.17 Abortion in Northern Ireland

11.07.17 Action on Hearing Loss

03.07.17 Armed Forces

28.06.17 Children's Society- Vulnerable Children

27.04.17 Abortion

24.04.17 Age UK Loneliness

20.04.17 Neonicotinoid Insecticides & Bees

10.04.17 Civil Partnerships

10.04.17 Ancient Woodland

03.04.17 Bereavement Support

27.03.17 Tax Havens

03.03.17 Animal Cruelty Sentencing

27.02.17 Microbeads

27.02.17 Green Investment Bank

27.01.17 Animal Testing

27.01.17 Back your Bookie

27.01.17 Bowel Cancer

25.01.17 Heineken Takeover of Punch Taverns PLC.

20.01.17 Ivory Trade

20.01.17 The Sale of Public Assets

17.01.17 Beer Duty and Pubs

15.01.17 Wild Animals in Circuses

06.01.17 Bilateral Investment Treaties

05.01.17 Breeding and Sale of Puppies

05.01.17 Finn's Law

05.01.17 Fur Trade

05.01.17 Make the Air Fair

05.01.17 Section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act 2013

21.12.16 Aleppo

19.12.16 Assisted Dying

19.12.16 Air Quality

19.12.16 Andy Tsege

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