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01 MAR 2017

Bus Services Bill

During the debate on the Bus Services Bill, I raised the issue of the absence of rural bus services in West Oxfordshire, which causes many difficulties for people in hard-to-reach areas; I referred to the Our Bus Bartons bus company and the Villager Community Bus who have volunteers who step in to provide some services. However, an absence of information in many cases makes it difficult for them to know whether it is practicable to set up such a service; I suggested that the freedom of information referenced in the Bill should make that much easier and this was acknowledged.

I also referred to the difference between cities, which are so well provided for, and rural areas such as West Oxfordshire;  for our constituents—such as the elderly in rural villages who need to get to clinics, the children who need to get to school, or the young people who need get to employment opportunities—the provision of regular, effective and far-reaching rural bus services is a real concern.

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