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09 JAN 2017

Mental Health and NHS Performance

In this debate, I mentioned my recent visit to the Bridewell organic gardens, the award-winning charity in my constituency that improves the mental wellbeing of those suffering from a range of mental health conditions. I welcomed the Prime Minister's announcement raising awareness of the ongoing stigma regarding mental health, as well as the £1 billion investment and the commitment to improving services, and asked whether the Secretary of State would be prepared to investigate such schemes to ensure that treatment of those suffering from mental health conditions is not simply limited to the provision of medication?

The Secretary of State confirmed that he was absolutely prepared to do that and that we need to be open-minded about the fact that mental health, in some ways, is a relatively new field; research on what works best is continuing to uncover many new things—much of that research is happening in this country; there has been a big move away from thinking that medication is always the best way forward; that we have seen a huge expansion in talking therapies in the past few years in this country, and that he was sure that trend would continue.

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