On 23rd June 2016 the British people took the historic decision to leave the European Union.  The EU referendum was the largest democratic exercise in our nation's history, with more people voting to leave the European Union than have voted for any party or prime minister in history.

Despite long-favouring membership of a reformed EU, I ultimately voted to leave in June 2016.  Having tried and failed to re-negotiate the terms of our membership, it became very clear that this was an inflexible, undemocratic body that was incapable of fundamental reform.  I therefore voted to leave on the basis that the EU was heading for an undemocratic federalism that the UK has never desired and, above all, because I wanted to see our historic democratic freedoms preserved.

I believe that a fundamental right of a free people is to have the dignity of choosing peacefully at the ballot box who shall govern them.  That government derives its just powers from the collective consent of the electors.  Our political liberty was won over centuries through immense struggle and at great cost.  It is only real when it is possible to vote out the ultimate source of legislation and institute a new government better suited to the needs and desires of the people.  Within the EU, that is not possible: European Union law is supreme and UK electors cannot remove the executive branch of European government, the European Commission.

I think our nation's long-term interests are best served if we are a functioning democracy, preserving our unique parliamentary freedoms, where our country's destiny is in the hands of the British people.  

Being the first MP who was elected to Parliament following the EU referendum, I am keen to ensure that Brexit reflects the long-term interests of our country and, crucially, the people of West Oxfordshire who have elected me.  As I speak to constituents, regardless of whether they voted to leave or remain, we are united in wanting to see our country thrive and remain an open, tolerant society.  We all want to enjoy a friendly, co-operative relationship with our European friends as we withdraw from the bureaucratic structures of the EU.

Throughout this process I will work towards a Brexit that is in the best interests of West Oxfordshire and ensure we seize this historic opportunity to build a more democratic, free and prosperous nation.


Why I Cannot Support the EU Withdrawal Agreement in its Current Form

UPDATE: I produced the below analysis over the course of the weekend as I prepared to speak in today’s debate on the Withdrawal Agreement, ahead of tomorrow’s vote.  However, earlier today, the Government took the decision to delay tomorrow’s vote and therefore cancel the debate in which I intend

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Why I Resigned as PPS over the Chequers Plan

For any MP, to resign from even a junior position as a Parliamentary Private Secretary is a big step: you are part of a team, and a much closer one than many imagine. Your colleagues rely on you, Ministers look to you for help, you all try to pull together to the same end.

Brexit & Devolution

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me in recent days to about the UK’s withdrawal from the EU and its effect on the devolved administrations. 

Triggering Article 50

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me about the upcoming votes on the triggering of Article 50. 

Future Trade Policy

My vision for Britain outside the EU is clear: a fully-independent, sovereign country with the freedom to make our own decisions.  We are leaving the EU, we are not leaving Europe.  The Government needs to build a global Britain that will trade around the world, build new alliances with other cou

Brexit Survey

Withdrawing from the European Union is a monumental moment of change for the United Kingdom.  In order to emerge from this process a more free, democratic and prosperous nation, we all need to work together to seize the opportunities and mitigate the challenges presented by leaving the European U