Improving the A40

Since being elected, one issue I have campaigned on the most is to ensure that we have a final fix to traffic congestion on the A40.

Making West Oxfordshire's railways fit for the future

West Oxfordshire relies on its railways to get to work and to visit family and friends.  With heavy congestion on our main roads, it is essential that we have railways are fit for the future and our transport system keep moving.

Encouraging more people to get involved with their community

We are so lucky in West Oxfordshire to have so many volunteers and groups who want to get involved and make their local community a better place.  Since becoming your MP, I have made a strong effort to highlight all the fantastic work they do; it is these community groups that really are the glue

Conserve and promote wildlife and nature in West Oxfordshire

As a keen conservationist, environmental issues are a priority of mine in Parliament and in West Oxfordshire.  One of the reasons West Oxfordshire is so special is the beautiful countryside which surrounds us and the diverse wildlife that inhabits it.

Creating a Combat Air Strategy

I have long argued for and pressed the Government to take a strategic look at the UK's future air capability.  It is important that we adopt a long-term, strategic vision that unites military and industry needs.  This will provide not only better value for money for the tax payer, but also more c

High speed broadband in West Oxfordshire

Fast, reliable broadband for local homes and businesses is not a luxury, it is essential for our ever-growing businesses and for those in isolated villages to remain connected.

Future of Oxfordshire's Healthcare

Local healthcare services are important to us all: doesn’t everyone want to know that, if a loved one falls ill, they will receive the very best care?

Promote the benefits of Community Transport

With the geography of our area, many people have to rely on community transport to get to where they need to go, be that to work or the doctors or to visit friends or go shopping.

Promoting tourism in West Oxfordshire

We are so lucky with the wealth of both natural beauty and other attractions that encourage millions of visitors to Oxfordshire each year.  With historical attractions such as Blenheim Palace, and family friendly Cotswold Wildlife Park and Crocodiles of the World, our tourist economy is booming.