Creating a Combat Air Strategy

I have long argued for and pressed the Government to take a strategic look at the UK's future air capability.  It is important that we adopt a long-term, strategic vision that unites military and industry needs.  This will provide not only better value for money for the tax payer, but also more certainty both for military personnel and those who work for the companies who build the aircraft.

The Government has now announced that it is committed to introducing a Combat Air Strategy - this is extremely welcome news.  My focus now therefore turns to shaping the detail of the strategy.  I will work with colleagues and relevant experts to examine the defence aviation landscape and look at how we can evolve our air capabilities to meet the challenges of the future.

I will update you on my progress below and I am excited about the possibilities this will bring.


Robert leads debate on Defence Aerospace Industrial Strategy

Robert said, "It is a pleasure to follow so many Members who have spoken with such passion and knowledge on this topic, about which all of us on both sides of the House are dedicated. I thank the Backbench Business Committee for granting the debate, and the hon.