Future of Oxfordshire's Healthcare

Local healthcare services are important to us all: doesn’t everyone want to know that, if a loved one falls ill, they will receive the very best care? Using local services myself, I have made them an absolute priority: looking to the future, engaging with healthcare professionals at all levels, working with patients’ groups, really getting to grips with the issues and making the case for the local healthcare services that we all want to see.

The Government has given the NHS an extra £10 billion, is spending £11.7 billion a year on mental health and, in response to the additional pressures on social care, have given an additional £2 billion. But there is more to do - I led a debate in Parliament on “The Future of Oxfordshire’s Healthcare- making the points you want made, directly to the Government.

In Oxfordshire, the Clinical Commissioning Group are in the process of creating Locality Plans, which look at the future of primary care services, such as GP practices.  These are important in deciding how healthcare is run at the level the vast majority of us interact with it on a regular basis - you can read my submissions for the three localities which cover West Oxfordshire below.


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Robert meets with staff at Witney Community Hospital

Robert said, "With a lot of proposed changes for Oxfordshire's healthcare, it was excellent to meet with staff to see all the fantastic work they are doing.  Witney Community Hospital is a great asset to the town and essential for residents.  It is leading the way in making its services work for

Maternity services at the Horton under threat

Robert said, "This has been a very important week for health in West Oxfordshire.  Earlier this week, I spoke at the Council’s Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (HOSC) meeting to discuss Oxfordshire Health bosses’ proposals for changes of services at the Horton General.

BBC - Banbury Hospital Maternity Unit downgrade agreed

Robert Courts MP attended and spoke at the Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group's public board meeting to make the case for maternity services at the Horton General to remain open.

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