Encouraging more people to get involved with their community

We are so lucky in West Oxfordshire to have so many volunteers and groups who want to get involved and make their local community a better place.  Since becoming your MP, I have made a strong effort to highlight all the fantastic work they do; it is these community groups that really are the glue that makes West Oxfordshire such an amazing place to live.  All too often, they are under the radar and many are not aware of the excellent work they do.

Each year I spend a week volunteering with different groups across our area, literally getting my hands dirty and helping out, getting to know the volunteers and those who rely on the services they provide.  I encourage you all to get out and see all the amazing things going on in our area and donating your time to help those around you. Read more about my 2017 volunteering week.


Robert celebrates the Chadlington Beer Festival

Robert said, "I was always going to Chadlington's annual Beer Festival - it is a great showcase of local community and West Oxfordshire's brewing talents! I got the chance to chat with many of you, but do please fill in my survey and let me know the issues that matter to you."

Robert joins residents for the annual Bampton Shirt Race

Robert said, "It was a lovely evening last night for the enormous fun that is the annual Bampton Shirt Race - a West Oxfordshire village tradition that really has to be seen to be understood! Great to see local Cllr James Mills & Ted Fenton joining in the fun too!"

Robert promotes Dementia Action Week in Witney

Robert said, "It's Dementia Action Week here in Witney, and I've been at Richmond Villages Witney where I have just trained to become a Dementia Friend Champion. But this is, really, very much about the community coming together.

Churchill and Sarsden Parish Council welcomes Robert

Robert joined the Churchill and Sarsden Parish Council at the annual meeting to discuss issues facing the two villages.  Robert said, "Thank you to all for attending and for the excellent discussion!".

Robert joins the Woodstock Razz-ma-tazz table top sale

The Razz-ma-tazz table top sale took place throughout the centre of Woodstock, with table inside and outside of shops, houses and churches.  All money raised goes towards Woodstock Under Fives Association, Woodstock Exhibition Foundation and St Mary Magdalene's Church.