Delivering an Outstanding Education for Every Child

As a parent, I know it's important to have great local schools to choose from, and how crucial education is to every child's development.  This is never truer than in today's fast-changing, high-tech world.

Every child should have access to an outstanding school place, to ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to take themselves anywhere that their talent and enthusiasm can lead them.  West Oxfordshire is lucky to have many outstanding schools - but there is more to do as we work together to expand education opportunities for all.

Since being elected as your MP, I have met over a third of West Oxfordshire schools and have had written contact with all headteachers about education issues.

I have also welcomed a number of local schools to Parliament to speak with them about the work of an MP and look forward to hosting many more.


Robert and family visit the Abingdon and Witney College Country Fair

Robert said, "The day after being elected – and on very little sleep – I visited the Abingdon and Witney College Commons Leys Farm campus open day in Hailey.  I met with pupils, who ran the day, and saw lots of the skills being taught – everything from sheep-shearing to canine hydrotherapy!

Robert Courts MP meets pupils at Great Tew Primary School

I greatly enjoyed visiting the beautiful Great Tew Primary School.  The passionate team at the school have made the absolute most of their small site and have really made this a heart of the village.

I would also like to thank the school council for a very interesting tour!

Hanborough Manor Primary School welcomes visit from MP for Witney

Excellent questions from the children at Hanborough Manor Primary School.  I would like to thank all those submitted ones for me to anwser!

I always enjoy the chance to see how local schools are progressing, and seeing teachers and pupils at work.

Madley Brook Primary School welcomes Robert Courts MP

I visited Madley Brook Primary School in Witney, where it was great to see the real dedication from enthusiastic teachers and enjoyment from the pupils.

Only opened in 2003, the school has gone from strength to strength and become a real centre for the community.

Combe Primary School welcome visit from Robert Courts MP

Started this morning meeting pupils & staff at outstanding Combe Primary School, answering questions and telling them about my role as your MP.

I always enjoy visiting the rural schools in West Oxfordshire; they are such an essential part of our communities.

Fair Funding Consultation Response

Last week I submitted my response to the Schools National Funding Formula Phase 2 public consultation to the Secretary of State for Education.