First-time voter survey

Now that you are eighteen, you have the freedom to vote in Parliamentary and local elections. In West Oxfordshire, this means both the District and County Council, as well as Police and Crime Commissioner - all of which have different roles.

I know that you will be wanting to play your full part in our democracy, and that you will be thinking about all the many issues that are a part of it. Perhaps you have a settled political viewpoint, perhaps not. Perhaps you are already passionate about specific issues and may already be involved in them. You may get your news from the TV, online, or social media.

I feel that part of my role in that process as your Parliamentary representative includes knowing what matters to those I represent - and it is here that I would like to ask for a few moments of your time.  Please the time to fill out my survey below - it would be great to know your views.

I also consider it is important for me as your Parliamentary representative to keep you informed of what I am up to in Parliament and locally. I regularly post on social media, and send out a fortnightly email update - you might like to sign up through the box to the right!

First time voter survey

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1. Do you feel that politicians in Westminster listen to young people?
3. Do you think that tuition fees should be abolished, and for university study to be funded out of general taxation?
4. Do you think the Government should continue to promote apprenticeships and skills training?
5. If you were in charge of reducing the deficit in the public finances, would you?