High Quality Healthcare for All

Since being elected as your MP, healthcare has been one of my very highest priorities. With Oxfordshire Health bosses looking at how to make Oxfordshire's health services work best in the future, as well as issues with local services, this is an essential topic that I will continue to work hard on.

Our NHS and the services it provides are vital to us all.  From ensuring Chipping Norton residents are consulted, to campaigning for better GP access in our rural area, I will always fight for local services.  I will focus on building key relationships to understand the complex challenges that surround them, and work to improve mental health provision and adult social care.


Robert on Sunday Politics South

Robert appeared on Sunday Politics South to discuss tuition fees, public inquiries, marine conservation zones and air quality.

Robert promotes Dementia Action Week in Witney

Robert said, "It's Dementia Action Week here in Witney, and I've been at Richmond Villages Witney where I have just trained to become a Dementia Friend Champion. But this is, really, very much about the community coming together.

Robert Courts supports Bill to protect Emergency Workers from Assaults

Emergency Workers face abuse and assaults whilst carrying out their job, and Robert is keen to support putting more protections in place to ensure their safety.  Indeed, later in this debate Robert states the shocking statistic that in Oxfordshire in 2015 there with 800 assaults on NHS staff, but