The Right Homes, in the Right Place

I know we all agree that West Oxfordshire needs more affordable homes - to rent or buy.  However, these new homes must be at the right price in the right place, and any new development must come with the extra infrastructure needed to support it.

It is essential that any new homes must not ruin the unique character of our towns and villages.  Excessive numbers of houses must not threaten the nature of our rural area - and speculative development must end.

A very good example of housing that is well thought-out, compliments the local area, and with a strong affordable element is the Home Farm development in Bladon, which I visited recently.  Homes here have been built to a high standard that complement, not crowd, the village. This partnership between the Sovereign Housing Association and Blenheim Estates shows what can be done when we all work together.

I have met many local West Oxfordshire businesses  - Stewart Milne Timber Systems and Ede Homes, for example - who are creating innovative solutions to building more housing that compliments our area, and I look forward to the growth of their businesses and ideas.

The way to ensure the end of speculative development is through the creation of a well-thought out and fully-evidenced Local Plan.  I am glad that West Oxfordshire District Council has now submitted their plan for inspection; this is occurring during the summer of 2017.  This will do much more to enable people protect the area that we live and work in.

I will continue to scrutinise planning policy to make sure it works for us.  I will not hesitate to continue to speak out if the unique charm of West Oxfordshire is threatened.


Robert officially opens new affordable housing scheme in Kingham

Robert launched a new affordable housing scheme in Kingham.  He said, "There is a need for more affordable housing in West Oxfordshire; in the right place, at the right price and in keeping with its surrounding area.  I was therefore pleased to open a development in Kingham of 10 excellent new af

Partnership paves the way for more affordable homes

West Oxfordshire District Council has joined forces with the Blenheim Estate in a partnership to provide up to 300 affordable homes.  This ground-breaking scheme will see the Estate offering affordable housing either for rent or shared ownership on its schemes in Long Hanborough and Woodstock Eas

'Home purchase scheme is leading the way'

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Moving house peaks in summertime but for many people, particularly in West Oxfordshire, the cost and availability of suitable housing is a curb on a dream that we all share: that of a place to call your own.

Fixing our broken housing market

The Government's white paper which plans to fix Britain's broken housing market clearly shows that we are making the hard decisions to ensure that the market works for us all.

I have responded to the consultation in full, which you are welcome to read below: