Robert Welcomes Police Funding Boost

Last week, the Government announced a significant increase in funding for Thames Valley Police. The extra £32.7 million is made up of a £4.5 million increase in our annual grant funding; £4.3 million grant for additional pension costs and, potentially, £24 million from precept funding.

Robert Joins Cogges Christmas Carols

Robert said: "A pleasure to join everyone in Cogges for an evening of Christmas Carols. Wonderful to see the local community come together to spread festive cheer."

Robert Becomes Patron of Volunteer Link Up

Volunteer Link Up, run by a team of volunteers, is the Volunteer Centre for West Oxfordshire, linking people who have time to spare with opportunities to help local residents and charitable organisations that need their services.

Why I Cannot Support the EU Withdrawal Agreement in its Current Form

UPDATE: I produced the below analysis over the course of the weekend as I prepared to speak in today’s debate on the Withdrawal Agreement, ahead of tomorrow’s vote.  However, earlier today, the Government took the decision to delay tomorrow’s vote and therefore cancel the debate in which I intend

Robert Turns on Carterton Christmas Lights

Robert said: "As always an absolute pleasure and honour to turn the Christmas lights on in Carterton. The lights look fantastic and it was great to see so many local residents out for the occasion."