Robert Courts MP newsletter - Sunday, 3rd June

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Kingham News - Robert Courts' Newsletter

"Many of you have written to me about the importance of protecting our environment.  This is one of the most pressing issues facing our generation, and it is – of course – a priority for me.  I recently spoke in a debate on the ‘Reduction of Plastic Waste in the Marine Environment’, during which

Robert responds to the consultation on the National Planning Policy Framework

Robert has today responded to the consultation on the National Planning Policy Framework.  This is of huge importance to West Oxfordshire, where it is essential to balance the need to build more houses so residents and their families can stay in the area, but also to preserve the character of Wes

Woodstock and Bladon- Robert Courts MP

"The approach of spring and summer brings thoughts of holidays.  Here in the UK, indeed right here in Woodstock and Bladon, we are surrounded by a natural beauty that people travel from across the world to see.