Speeches in Parliament

Robert Courts supports Bill to protect Emergency Workers from Assaults

Emergency Workers face abuse and assaults whilst carrying out their job, and Robert is keen to support putting more protections in place to ensure their safety.  Indeed, later in this debate Robert states the shocking statistic that in Oxfordshire in 2015 there with 800 assaults on NHS staff, but

Banning of Electric Shock Collars

Robert was pleased join this debate on electric shock collars with Ross Thompson MP. Their use is barbaric and ineffective due to the complexity of canine behaviour.

National Planning Policy Framework reform

Robert is glad that the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government are reforming the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) to help build homes in the right places, at the right price and in keeping with their surrounds.

Combat Air Strategy question in Parliament

Robert has been campaigning for a coordinated strategy for defence procurement, and so strongly welcomes the Government's announcement that it will be creating one.

A final fix for the A40 must be found

Robert Courts' speech in the House of Commons earlier on the A40 - again pressing the importance of finding a final fix if West Oxfordshire is to reach its full potential.