Kingham News -

"I greatly enjoyed my recent meeting with Kingham Parish Councillors.

"We touched on a great number of important issues, such as – and in particular – housing and development in the local area.  This was an excellent opportunity to discuss what matters most to local residents in Kingham, and I found the meeting very productive.  I look forward to meeting with Town Councillors on a regular basis, and I am grateful to them for taking the time to meet with me.

"Many of you have contacted me about the condition of roads in West Oxfordshire, and I am very aware of the damage that has been done to our roads during these past winter months.  I therefore welcome the Government’s recent announcement that local roads badly affected by winter weather will benefit from a further £100 million to help repair any potholes and other storm damage.  This means £1.8m will be available for Oxfordshire to repair potholes; when coupled with other funding announcements, this means we will have nearly £3m to fix our roads.

"Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) are working hard, using this funding to patch the areas that need it most, and I welcome the good work they have done so far.  Nevertheless, I know there is more to do – but this is certainly a large step in the right direction.

"As ever, if there is anything you wish to raise with me, please do not hesitate to contact me at"