Robert Argues for a More Reliable and Accountable Rail Service Following Government Review

Following the Transport Secretary’s announcement of the terms of reference for a ‘root and branch’ review of rail, Robert argued that reliability and accountability should be at the heart of the review.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Robert pressed the Secretary of State: “I warmly welcome the Secretary of State’s review, but would he agree with me that it is critical that the review delivers not just improvements that are vital on (…) the Cotswold Line in my constituency, but also improvements to reliability, stability and accountability that my rail-travelling constituents deserve?”

Robert has since said: “My constituents are rightly concerned about the reliability of services on the Cotswold Line, and that is why I am leading the campaign to redouble the line with more frequent services.

“Whilst this is crucial to improve services, we need to take a deeper look at every aspect of the rail network to ensure that we have a system fit for the future – and that is why the Secretary of State’s ‘root and branch’ review is welcome.

“It is important that this is not seen as just another review.  This review needs to challenge conventional wisdom and deliver the tangible improvements to services that my constituents deserve.”