Robert Celebrates Success of the Europa School

Robert said: "I enjoyed a fascinating visit to the Europa School in Culham recently where I saw first-hand the incredible work done by teachers and staff to provide a multilingual education to young people in Oxfordshire.

"The school is a roaring success of the Government's free schools programme, with a unique curriculum that offers pupils a full multilingual education from reception class onwards. The Europa School offers a completely new and deep language learning curriculum where pupils do not simply learn the other language, but learn through that language - for example by being taught History in German and Science in French.

"It was wonderful to see this unique learning experience first-hand and to hear directly from pupils - including some from West Oxfordshire - about how much they have valued their time at the Europa School.

"It is a shining example of the free schools initiative and a fitting reminder that, while the UK may be withdrawing from the political structures of the European Union, we remain an enthusiastic participant in the culture, friendships and co-operation of Europe."