Robert Courts: My plan will deliver a brighter future for Witney & West Oxfordshire

Conservative by-election candidate, Robert Courts, has launched his plan to deliver a brighter future for Witney and West Oxfordshire.

A Bladon resident and local volunteer, Robert has been representing the views of local people in his role as a district councillor for a number of years and through his plan, he hopes to continue this work as Witney’s Member of Parliament.

Focusing on five key areas, Robert will continue to champion the causes that matter to local people and tackle the area’s main challenges:

  • Improving roads, trains & buses so that they work for residents of West Oxfordshire
  • Encouraging the construction of affordable homes while maintaining the unique character of our area so people who want to can stay living locally;
  • Delivering even more good school places so that every child has the opportunity to realise   their potential;
  • Continue working to ensure the rollout of high speed broadband to all homes across West Oxfordshire;
  • Championing our local independent shops and small businesses to make sure West Oxfordshire has a thriving local economy.

Speaking about his plan, Robert said: “As a local resident, parent, and district councillor, I understand the issues that are most important to our area.

“Ultimately, Witney and West Oxfordshire needs an MP who will get things done. I believe I am the only candidate with the local knowledge and the skills and ability to work with both the Government and our local councils to deliver great results for our area.

“I hope the people of Witney and West Oxfordshire will recognise this and support me at the ballot box on October 20th.”