Robert Presents Climate Petition to Parliament Signed by Over 1,000 Local School Pupils

Robert has presented a petition to Parliament calling on the Government to make every effort to ensure the UK hosts the crucial COP26 Climate Change Summit in 2020.

The petition, which was launched by Robert back in May, gathered 1,469 signatures, many of which came from pupils of West Oxfordshire’s schools. Robert wrote to Headteachers to make them aware of his petition and said he was “overwhelmed and hugely encouraged” by the enthusiastic response from pupils.

When he presented the petition on the floor of the House of Commons, Robert paid tribute to the teachers, parents and pupils of the following schools who signed his petition: Ducklington, Enstone, North Leigh, Great Rollright, Bampton (Primary Schools); Wood Green, Cokethorpe, Marlborough, Kingham Hill (Secondary Schools).

Speaking after presenting the petition, Robert said: “Climate change is a serious and pressing concern and I know that many of us in West Oxfordshire care deeply about our environment. Whilst I am pleased that the UK is playing a leading role in tackling climate change, we need to ensure the issue receives urgent attention from the Governments of the world.

“The 2020 Global Climate Change Summit (COP26) will be a crucial moment for the future of our planet and an important opportunity for the UK to demonstrate its leadership on this issue, encouraging decisive global action.

“I was therefore pleased to present my petition to Parliament and show just how strongly West Oxfordshire feels about this issue. I am particularly pleased by the enthusiastic response from pupils all across West Oxfordshire, who demonstrated just how engaged and passionate they are about tackling climate change.”