Robert Presents North Leigh Primary School's Work to the Department for International Development

Robert said: "Thank you to pupils of North Leigh Primary School for presenting me with the brilliant work you have completed in support of the Send My Friend to School campaign. Send My Friend to School is a superb initiative which brings together young people, teachers, and politicians in campaigning to demand quality education for all children across the globe.

"The pupils made keys, which symbolise unlocking education to people around the World, containing a short message about what learning means to them, and why going to school should be an expectation of every child. Earlier today, I was delighted to present the pupils' work to the Department for International Development on Whitehall.

"I was also delighted to see that the pupils had signed my petition to bring the 2020 Global Climate Summit to London - and look forward to presenting this petition to Parliament very soon.

"It is wonderful to have such an engaged local school, with passionate and conscientious pupils, working to make a real difference to the World around them."