Robert Speaks to Veterans Protesting Against Historic Allegations

Robert said: "I went to speak to a group of veterans who have come to Parliament to protest against historic investigations into armed forces personnel. It was clear from speaking to protestors that nobody is saying that soldiers should be above the law - but simply that veterans should not be left with the threat of re-investigation hanging over their heads for the rest of their, in circumstances where they have already been cleared of any wrongdoing.

"I am encouraged that the Defence Secretary has taken forward work to address this important and concerning issue.

"A public consultation on legal protection measures for the armed forces and veterans has been launched, containing proposals such as a presumption against prosecution of current or former armed forces personnel for alleged offences committed in the course of duty outside the UK more than ten years ago.

"There's still so much more to do but I am encouraged that we are moving in the right direction - and I will not stop campaigning until we put this injustice right."