Robert Supports Campaign to Save the Waterford Road Oak Tree

Robert said: "A number of constituents have contacted me recently to express concern about the future of a 300 year old veteran oak tree on the Madley Park Estate, which was threatened with felling due to structural damage suffered by nearby properties. I went down to see the tree and speak to local residents recently who were understandably desperate to save this magnificent local landmark.

"I subsequently raised the matter with local councillor Jeanette Baker, who has energetically taken on the case, exploring potential solutions - such as a root barrier - that can save the tree and protect local properties from damage.

"I am pleased to report that Leader of WODC, James Mills, has informed me that he is hopeful the tree will not need to be felled. The tree will be pruned in the immediate future to minimise any further damage to property, and options to retain the tree will be brought to Cabinet for consideration in due course.

"This is a great example of a local representatives and the community coming together to find a solution to a difficult challenge."