Robert Urges Constituents to Engage with IR35 Review

Robert said: "A number of constituents have raised concerns with me about the potential impact of IR35 ‘Off-Payroll’ rule changes when applied to the private sector. I have made representations to Ministers to advance these concerns.

"I was therefore pleased when, during the General Election campaign, the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced that the changes would be subject to a review, as part of a broader consideration of the way in which government may support those that are self-employed. Constituents who have contacted me on this matter had also expressed their pleasure at this review but were eager that this should take place ahead of the implementation of the changes.

"Earlier this week, the Treasury announced that they had launched a review of the changes and that this will be completed by mid-February and will focus on the implementation of the reforms which are due to apply from 6 April 2020. The announcement of the review states that this will engage affected individuals and businesses via a series of roundtables with stakeholder representatives, including contractor groups and medium and large-sized businesses.

"I am keen to ensure that constituents should have the opportunity to express their own comments for further consideration. With this in mind, I am encouraging all constituents with concerns about IR35 to contact me to set them out in detail. I will then collate the responses received by constituents and provide them, alongside a covering letter, to the Chancellor of the Exchequer. If any constituents wish to provide comments for inclusion in the report to the Chancellor, please do so by writing to me by 5pm on Wednesday 22 January 2020."

You can read more about the HM Treasury Announcement here: