Robert Visits Bird Aid Sites in Stonesfield and Ditchley

Robert joined Wychwood Bird Aid volunteers recently to visit Bird Aid feeding sites in Stonesfield, and then Ditchley Estate.

Volunteers were thrilled to show Robert the rare marsh tits as well as good-sized flocks of farmland birds such as yellowhammers and linnets along the hedgerows of the feeding sites. The new Agricultural Bill was discussed with Robert, particularly policies to support declining bird life, and how the new schemes could reward farmers for public goods for all, such as better air and water quality, higher animal welfare standards, improved access to the countryside and natural measures to reduce flooding.

Wychwood Bird Aid was started 17 years ago, by committed volunteer Louise Spicer and is now a highly successful conservation project. Wychwood Bird Aid provides much-needed supplementary feeding during the ‘hungry gap’ (November to May) to small farmland birds to help increase their numbers across West Oxfordshire. Bird Aid has provided supplementary feeding of rape seed, millet and ground grain every year for the past 17 years. Monitoring has shown an increase in farmland birds in all areas where Bird Aid feeds.

As a keen birdwatcher, Robert commented: "The Wychwood Bird Aid project is very important for sustaining farmland bird populations where we live, and I will continue to champion the plight of wild birds though my membership of the Conservative Environment Network."

Neil Clennell, CEO of the Wychwood Project, added: "It is always a pleasure to show Robert our work and discuss our shared enthusiasm for conservation and wildlife in Oxfordshire."

If you are interested in volunteering for Bird Aid, please contact the Wychwood Project at or learn more about the great work from the Wychwood Project, by visiting their website: