Robert Visits Gibraltar with the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme

With Parliament in Whitsun Recess, Robert is heading out to visit our armed forces in Gibraltar with the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme. He will be visiting RAF Gibraltar - one of the most challenging airfields in the World - as well as the Royal Naval Gibraltar Squadron and the Royal Gibraltar Regiment, which together provide the important tri-service presence the UK has in the area.

Robert will also be spending some time looking around Gibraltar to better understand the geography and unique challenges it faces.

Speaking shortly after his visit to RAF Gibraltar, Robert said: "When I visited RAF Gibraltar I was struck by how intrinsically linked everything they do is with RAF Brize Norton - it's almost like a West Oxfordshire outpost! We've got all our tactical transport aircraft - the Hercules, A400, C17 - coming in to RAF Gibraltar, as nothing goes anywhere without Brize Norton.

"As we saw with the recent Caribbean relief effort, what we have in RAF Gibraltar is an essential part of our defence and international infratructure - linking West Oxfordshire to Gibraltar and beyond."

Robert will be documenting his trip and keeping constituents informed on his activities through regular video diary updates, which you can watch on his YouTube Channel here.