Robert Welcomes Announcement of December General Election

Speaking after voting in favour of a General Election on Thursday 12 December, Robert said: "We have faced an usually high amount of elections in West Oxfordshire in recent years but, with Parliament deadlocked, it's clear that a General Election is now the best option to break the impasse so the country can finally move forward. 

"I'm looking forward to spending the next six weeks speaking to the good, hard-working people of West Oxfordshire and setting out a positive vision for our area, and our country.

"The choice before us could not be more stark. A Conservative government that will resolve Brexit with a balanced deal, invest in people's priorities, bring the country together, and move forward. Or a Corbyn-led Labour government that will cause further delay, uncertainty and division over Brexit - whilst destroying our economy with their extreme, hard-left political agenda.

"Locally, I will be standing on my proud record of listening, campaigning and delivering for West Oxfordshire and in continuing to provide our area with a strong, effective, genuinely local voice in Westminster."