Robert Welcomes Announcement on Veteran Railcard

Military veterans will get cut-price train travel to help boost job prospects and bring them closer to family and friends, with a new railcard on sale from Armistice Day, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced today (22 January 2020).

Available from Armistice Day this year, the railcard will extend discounted train travel to the more than 830,000 veterans not covered by existing discounts.

Joined by veterans at St Pancras railway station, the Transport Secretary and the Minister for the Cabinet Office underlined the government’s commitment to supporting former service personnel and recognised their service to the country.

Speaking after the announcement, Robert said: "I am delighted we've delivered on the promise to introduce the UK's first ever Veterans Railcard, which help open up opportunities to veterans, whether through employment and retraining, or by strengthening links with friends and family.

"This is just a small way the country can repay the debt we owe those who have served in the armed forces."