Treasury Minister Liz Truss Joins Robert on a Visit to Polar Technology

Chief Secretary to HM Treasury, Liz Truss, has joined Robert on a visit to West Oxfordshire business Polar Technology.  The pair were taken on a tour of the company’s site in Eynsham before sitting down for a meeting to discuss support for business.

Speaking after the visit, Mike Dewhirst and Scott Roberts, Chairmen at Polar Technology Management Group, said “It was great to have Robert and Liz at Polar Technology Management Group today. They showed great interest in Lentus Composites and SST Technology with a very good understanding of the issues facing rapidly growing engineering and technology businesses.

“It was interesting to discuss the challenges from the need to improve mobile communications, improving the road infrastructure to allow us to attract talent form neighbouring areas and our shared passion of developing talent through the further education system to ensure each young person has the opportunity to excel at their level in a role that suits them.  It is not necessary to have a degree to succeed in engineering, the vocational or apprentice route can be equally if not more rewarding, and people should be recognised and applauded for following this route”.

Robert said: “Polar Technology is a trailblazing West Oxfordshire business that continues to go from strength to strength.  I am committed to championing the interests of ambitious companies like Polar Technology in Parliament, so it was useful to discuss their priorities for the future.

“I was pleased to show the Minister an example of the incredible businesses we have in West Oxfordshire and discuss what we need to do moving forward to ensure our area continues to excel.”

Commenting on the visit, Liz Truss said: “It was a pleasure to visit Polar Technology today.  Vibrant towns like Witney are bursting with ambition, success and vision.”