Robert Visits Windrush Leisure Centre

Large parts of Windrush Leisure Centre's facilities have been significantly refurbished thanks to West Oxfordshire District Council's and Better’s investment and management; with a huge variety of new machines.  On Robert's visit, he was taken on a tour and officially opened the new facilities.

Robert Shows his Support for Care After Combat

Robert said: "It was great to see Care After Combat in Parliament today and to catch up with their amazing work supporting veterans with alcohol & substance misuse problems - and reducing the numbers of re-offending veterans in the criminal justice system."

Robert Visits Chrissie's Owls

Chrissie's Owls is a small family run charity, based in Stonesfield, with a genuine love of owls.  Chrissie, with the help of her family and some very committed volunteers, attend craft and country shows throughout the year to help raise funds for their owl rescue work across Oxfordshire.

Robert Presses Health Secretary on GP Recruitment

Robert said: “The recruitment and retention of GPs is one of the biggest challenges facing the NHS in our area.  I am encouraged by the significant increase in the number of doctors entering GP training, and it is important this progress is built upon to meet the Government’s target of getting an