Robert sits on the Ivory Bill in Parliament

Robert said, "I’ve been sitting on the Ivory Bill this week - an important part of the Government’s plan - through Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) - to leave a better environment than we found.

Robert speaks out on behalf of Grenfell survivors urging for action

Robert said, "When I attended the very moving event held in Speaker’s House and spoke to survivors, one of the most striking and moving points made was residents telling me that repeated complaints and concerns had been raised but had not been listened to or acted on. Does my right hon.

Robert joins group paddle boarding the Thames

Robert said, "Carolyn and Carlos from The Whale Company are paddling their stand up paddle boards - made entirely from plastic bottles - from the Thames’ source to the sea (Sea2Source) in order to raise awareness of plastic pollution in our rivers.

Robert and family visit the Abingdon & Witney College Country Fair

Robert said, "Abingdon & Witney College held a Country Fair at their Common Leys Farm campus over the weekend: great to meet the students who run the entire event, to see local crafts and trades - and to introduce the range of animals that they have to my family!"