Action: Windrush Place Shops

The lack of the shops & sports pavilion promised by developers here on Windrush Place is not good enough. Robert & Thomas have been keeping the pressure on with the Council over the last few months - but they have not yet taken action. It is not good enough.

That is why Robert & Thomas are keeping up the pressure. They are seeking further answers from both the Council & Developers on a timetable of action.  

Robert said, “Since our last contact with the Council, we aren’t yet where we need to be as a community. As the planning authority, the Council has the power and responsibility to take action - but the developers are those who must provide what they promised.  We want to know when these facilities will be delivered.”  

Cllr Thomas Ashby said, “Like residents, I am angry & frustrated. It’s time for the developers and the Council to get a move on and build these community facilities that we were all promised.”


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Do You Support Robert & Thomas' Campaign To Deliver the Windrush Place Shops?

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Do You Support Robert & Thomas' Campaign To Deliver The Windrush Place Shops & Amenities?


Meeting with WODC's Planning Team regarding Windrush Place

Thank you to all those who participated in Cllr Ashby & my online survey. Your responses and that of others is incredibly helpful in allowing me to represent the strength of feeling around this matter to WODC as well as the developers.  

Visit to Windrush Place

Alongside Councillor Thomas Ashby I recently visited Windrush Place following concerns raised by residents around promised infrastructure that has not yet been delivered.