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Farming Matters - Fighting for Farming


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Success for the Buy British Campaign

Excellent progress made for the ‘Buy British’ campaign I have been supporting as Morrisons have now launched a ‘British’ section online and Aldi and have launched a ‘Best of British Tab’ for click-and-collect orders.

Back British Farming Day

On Back British Farming Day, I am delighted that the Government has announced new plans to boost British produce by backing the buy British Button.

Visit to Hook Hatcheries during local business week

On day two of my local business week, I was off to Hook Hatcheries to learn more about the poultry business for which PD Hook plays an important role in providing top-quality produce to West Oxfordshire and across the UK.

Farming Minister visits West Oxfordshire

I was delighted to welcome the Minister for Food, Farming & Fisheries, Mark Spencer MP to West Oxfordshire recently to meet with local farmers.