Robert's Speeches in Parliament


Robert speaks up on the Offensive Weapons Bill

Robert said, "All of us on both sides of the House wish to see action taken to combat the scourge of violent crime, but a great many of my constituents have written to me expressing concerns about the inadvertent impact of the Bill particularly on rural sports, and the Home Secretary has heard th

Robert asks Education Minister about funding for rural schools

Robert said, "Hard-working teachers in small rural schools in places like west Oxfordshire are ingenious in wringing every last penny of value out of their budgets, but what are Ministers doing to ensure those schools have the funding they need to thrive?"

Robert presents his petition on British Service Personnel (Veterans)

Robert said, "Those who have protected us deserve in turn to be protected, to live their lives in peace with the full knowledge of their country’s gratitude, ​and to know that they will not be pursued in old age, and not be the subject of repeated prosecutions over events that occurred many years

Robert praises Chipping Norton Theatre in Parliament

Robert said, "My hon. Friend is leading a fascinating debate, and I congratulate him on having secured it. He has talked about the impact of some of his local theatres. In my constituency, in west Oxfordshire, we have Chipping Norton theatre.

Robert speaks out on behalf of Grenfell survivors urging for action

Robert said, "When I attended the very moving event held in Speaker’s House and spoke to survivors, one of the most striking and moving points made was residents telling me that repeated complaints and concerns had been raised but had not been listened to or acted on. Does my right hon.

Robert raises the issue of rural crime

Robert said, "My hon. Friend describes her rural area, and of course, west Oxfordshire is also rural. We too are afflicted by the horrors of hare coursing, as well as by rural thefts and, more recently, by some well-publicised violent ATM thefts.