Championing Rural Issues in Parliament

As a representative in Parliament for a largely rural constituency, I am acutely aware of a wide variety of issues and concerns which come with modern, rural living.  Be that transport links, mobile signal, internet connections and rural schools and shops, and of course wider issues for those who work in the agriculture sector.

I have met with many of the parish councils in our rural villages and hamlets to discuss their concerns, and raised several matters with Ministers in Parliament.  Although there is welcome progress on some issues, such as the super-fast broadband roll-out across West Oxfordshire, there is still more to be done.

I am also in regular contact with many of the farmers who live and work in West Oxfordshire, and have done for generations.  Agriculture is one sector most effected by the UK's withdrawal from the EU, and I will work hard to ensure that West Oxfordshire is able to thrive from this opportunity.

Rural Communities Survey

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1.1 Which are the biggest issues facing your rural community?
1.2 What do you perceive as the most common type of crime in your rural community?
1.3 On rural crime, have you witnessed any of the following in the past twelve months?
1.4 On internet connectivity, how reliable is your broadband connection?
1.5 How would you rate the bus service in your community?


Park Homes Rally

It was good to attend a packed Park Homes Rally recently to speak up for West Oxfordshire Park Home residents and highlight some of the unscrupulous practices within the sector.

Noise Camera Trial - Vote for Final Nomination

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to nominate the area of West Oxfordshire which they think would benefit most from noise camera technology to combat noise pollution from illegally modified vehicles.