Speeches in Parliament

Robert speaks out on behalf of Grenfell survivors urging for action

Robert said, "When I attended the very moving event held in Speaker’s House and spoke to survivors, one of the most striking and moving points made was residents telling me that repeated complaints and concerns had been raised but had not been listened to or acted on. Does my right hon.

Robert raises the issue of rural crime

Robert said, "My hon. Friend describes her rural area, and of course, west Oxfordshire is also rural. We too are afflicted by the horrors of hare coursing, as well as by rural thefts and, more recently, by some well-publicised violent ATM thefts.

Robert pushes for a debate in Parliament on the menace of potholes

Robert said, "After the harsh winter, potholes are becoming much more than a minor nuisance - be that on the A40, throughout WestOxfordshire and across the whole country. That is why I pushed for a debate to be held in Parliament to discuss this issue further."