Westminster News

Robert Welcomes Announcement on Veteran Railcard

Military veterans will get cut-price train travel to help boost job prospects and bring them closer to family and friends, with a new railcard on sale from Armistice Day, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced today (22 January 2020).

Robert Supports Launch of Open Doors' World Watch List Report

On Wednesday, Witney-based charity Open Doors UK launched their 2020 World Watch List Report, raising awareness of the persecution of Christians around the World. The event provided attendees with in-depth research and analysis into the 50 countries where Christians face the worst persecution.

Robert Welcomes UK Support for Australia

Robert said: "It's been devastating to see the serious bush fires in Australia - so it is welcome to hear Ministers confirm that the UK will offer our full support to our Australian friends - including looking at whether there is any aviation assistance we can supply."

Robert Continues Campaign for Further Cotswold Line Upgrades

Robert said: "During the first Business Questions of 2020 I took the opportunity to call for a debate on the Government's ambition to increase investment in rail infrastructure - ensuring that West Oxfordshire passengers benefit through upgrades to the Cotswold Line.

Robert is Sworn in as Witney & West Oxfordshire MP

Robert said, "I was honoured to be officially sworn in again as the Member of Parliament for Witney and West Oxfordshire. Thank you to the people of West Oxfordshire for once again putting your faith in me to serve you - I will never take your trust for granted.

12 Conservative Achievements on Tackling Climate Change

We passed the world’s first Climate Change Act over a decade ago with cross-party support to give us both a framework to set statutory carbon budgets and set up the independent Committee on Climate Change.
Published the UK Clean Growth Strategy

Robert Welcomes Announcement of December General Election

Speaking after voting in favour of a General Election on Thursday 12 December, Robert said: "We have faced an usually high amount of elections in West Oxfordshire in recent years but, with Parliament deadlocked, it's clear that a General Election is now the best option to break the impasse so the

Robert Backs Boris' New Brexit Deal

Speaking ahead of Saturday’s Parliamentary vote on the Prime Minister’s new Brexit deal, Robert said:

“The Prime Minister has battled against all odds and secured a great new deal for our country.

Office for Veterans' Affairs Begins to Take Shape

In his first week in office, the Prime Minister established an Office for Veterans’ Affairs at the heart of government.

This creation was part of a government commitment to ensure world-class provision of life-long veterans’ care services in this country.