Robert holds second meeting with Oxfordshire Health Bosses and planning authorities

For the first time ever, Robert has set up regular meetings between Oxfordshire health bosses and planning authorities at West Oxfordshire District Council.  Particularly as our area's Local Plan has now been improved, it is vital that, now we know where houses are going to go, that planners and health bosses work together to discuss growing health needs, so that the facilities are in place at the same time as residents move in to new developments.

Robert said, "Healthcare provision in West Oxfordshire is an absolute priority for me; we live in a growing area, and our health services should be growing to match this need.  This is why I have pressed for closer working between health bosses and planning authorities; arranging for them to meet together, for the first time, to plan precisely what medical services we will need, and where.  This will ensure we can map growth and need, putting in place our crucial health services at the same time as new homes.  

"This week, I held the second meeting bringing together officers from WODC and OCCG to discuss a plan for our area going forward.  This is a promising first step for an enduring working relationship between these two authorities, and I look forward to further positive steps."