Robert Joins Local Ambulance Crew on the Morning Shift

Robert said: "This morning I was honoured to join ambulance crew from the South Central Ambulance Service for a ride-along to learn more about - and to observe first hand - the incredible work they do to save lives across our area. We had a busy morning, travelling through five Parliamentary constituencies - including my own - answering emergency calls. I have come away deeply impressed by the humour, dedication, skill but above all both the compassion and passion with which they approach every minute they spend at work. They do what they do because they want to give back and to help people - and it shows.

"Thank you in particular to Ian and Greig for kindly letting me observe your hard work during your shift this morning, and for giving me so much of your time to explain how and why things work and the challenges that you face.

"Thank you, above all, for everything you and everyone at SCAS do to help our communities when we need it the most: if we are ill, hurt or scared, it means everything to know that a dedicated, caring, ultimate professional is on their way."