Robert's Speeches in Parliament


Military Housing in West Oxfordshire

I want to reassure service families that I am very aware of the ongoing issues being raised with the conditions of military housing in West Oxfordshire. I have heard the deep concerns that many of you have with home maintenance and repairs issues.

Robert holds debate on potholes and roads in Oxfordshire

Robert tabled a debate on 'Road Restructuring in Oxfordshire' to press how important this issue is to residents of West Oxfordshire.  Potholes are more than a nuisance, they are dangerous on rural roads.  Although Oxfordshire roads are total receive much investment in the coming years, it is esse

Robert speaks up for West Oxfordshire farmers in Parliament

Robert said, "In a rural area such as west Oxfordshire, the livelihood of farmers is of enormous importance, as is leaving our environment in a better state than we found it. What are Ministers doing to ensure that farmers are protected while improving our environment?"

Robert raises international defence working in Parliament

Robert said, "I briefly worked in New Zealand, so I am very conscious of the ties between our two countries. Although NATO is the cornerstone of our defence, will the Secretary of State comment on the importance of the wider military alliance?"