High speed broadband in West Oxfordshire

Fast, reliable broadband for local homes and businesses is not a luxury, it is essential for our ever-growing businesses and for those in isolated villages to remain connected.

Creating a Combat Air Strategy

I have long argued for and pressed the Government to take a strategic look at the UK's future air capability.  It is important that we adopt a long-term, strategic vision that unites military and industry needs.  This will provide not only better value for money for the tax payer, but also more c

National Funding Formula

I campaigned on delivering outstanding education for all.  Education is one the most important parts of our children's upbringing.

Deer Park Medical Centre

Since being elected, I worked extremely hard to ensure that all options were fully considered before closing Deer Park - a well-run and well-loved practice, in a town which is set to expand over the next few years.

See all of the work I did on this issue below.