Maintaining the Highest Levels of Animal Welfare Across the UK

I am proud that the UK already has some of the highest animal welfare standards in the world - and these have increased substantially under this Government. The UK has banned the ivory trade, is increasing sentences for animal cruelty from six months to five years, has banned insecticides that may be harmful to bees, made CCTV mandatory in abattoirs, banned microplastics which harm marine life, and is proposing to introduce an independent, statutory body to uphold standards post-Brexit.

That being said there is still more to do.  As a proud cat owner myself, I have become involved with many campaigns in Parliament to help improve animal welfare standards.

Keep up to date with all I have been up to below.


Robert Welcomes Plans for Future Greener Farming

Robert said: "The Government has just published new details on our future Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELM), which will see farmers paid for their hard work which enhances and protects our environment.

Robert Hails Introduction of Landmark Environment Bill

Earlier today, the Government introduced the Environment Bill to Parliament.

This landmark Bill will tackle the biggest environmental priorities of our time, signalling a historic step change in the way we protect and enhance our precious natural environment.

Robert Produces Information Guide on Going Green

Robert said: "Our environment affects everything – from the air we breathe to the water we drink. But protecting our environment is not only good for our children and grandchildren. It actually helps you save money.

Robert's 2018 Highlights in 60 Seconds

2018 was a very busy year indeed with much to celebrate both locally and nationally. Here are just some of my highlights from last year - in 60 seconds!

Robert Courts MP

Robert Visits Chrissie's Owls

Chrissie's Owls is a small family run charity, based in Stonesfield, with a genuine love of owls.  Chrissie, with the help of her family and some very committed volunteers, attend craft and country shows throughout the year to help raise funds for their owl rescue work across Oxfordshire.