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For decades, congestion on the A40 has been one of the biggest issues in West Oxfordshire. I have described the traffic problems on the A40 as being a "millstone around West Oxfordshire's neck" - hampering our businesses and causing misery for motorists. 

From the moment I entered Parliament, I have campaigned tirelessly for improvements to this long-running issue - petitioning the Government, leading parliamentary debates, and relentlessly lobbying Ministers for support.

We are moving in the right direction, with upgrades to the Cotswold Line and the road itself already delivered - and with the potential for further funding through the Housing Infrastructure Fund, there really is more cause for optimism than there has been in a generation.

I have created the below A40 Survey in order to collect residents' views on this pressing issue. The information you provide will be very helpful to me as I continue to work with local councils and central government to deliver improvements to the road. 

So please do take a few moments to share your experience of - and views on - the A40.

Robert Courts MP 

A40 Survey - Back Robert's Campaign

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