Robert Supports New Environmental Manifesto to Tackle Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss

Robert has supported the launch of a new environmental manifesto that explores new policy ideas to address climate change and biodiversity loss. Robert is a founding member of the Conservative Environment Network (CEN) MP’s caucus and has signed the manifesto’s declaration. The Declaration acknowledges the “gravity of the global environmental crisis and our duty to preserve and restore our planet for future generations”. 

He participated in the panel discussion at the launch of the manifesto in Parliament, which included former London Mayoral Candidate Zac Goldsmith and the Environment Secretary, Michael Gove.

Speaking after the event, Robert said, “Climate change is one of the most important issues of our time, and West Oxfordshire is clear that we need to do more - and this is the first step in that. This document outlines new policy ideas that can help us to decarbonise while protecting our precious landscapes and wildlife. 

“Now the Government has set a world-leading net-zero target, we must set the policies to meet that target, and to also address the serious declines we are seeing in many of our precious species. We should also be utilising the UK’s international standing, as a world leader in decarbonisation, to support other countries towards clean growth.”

Major policy ideas considered in the Manifesto - which is intended as a platform for debate - include:

  • Planning reform - a Royal Commission to deliver the sustainable, green homes we need.
  • Investment in regional transport networks - to unleash productivity outside London.
  • A world leading Environment Act with legally-binding targets and a new, locally-led nature recovery network to restore the British countryside.
  • Sustainable land and fisheries management: replace CAP with a system that brings public and private money into a single market-based scheme for natural capital restoration, and CFP with new, properly enforced maximum sustainable yields.
  • Fracking ban - prevent stranded assets in an unpopular, uneconomic and out-of-date industry.
  • Commonwealth Alliance for Nature - using friendships to achieve unique partnerships.

You can read the manifesto in full via: