Robert Leads Debate on Carrier Strike Strategy and its Contribution to UK Defence

This afternoon, Robert led a Westminster Hall debate on 'Carrier Strike Strategy and its Contribution to UK Defence'.

Speaking after the debate, Robert said: "I was delighted to lead a hugely thought-provoking Westminster Hall debate with fascinating contributions from MPs of all parties, celebrating our Queen Elizabeth aircraft carriers and how to make the most of the extraordinary capabilities that they offer.

"We are lucky to see coming into service the finest ships of their type anywhere in the world, crewed by the most professional Navy. They are bringing the glory of ​the Royal Navy’s history together with the technological, industrial prowess that is our hallmark for the future. The carriers can help us to unite new friends around the world in times of peace, and to defend freedom in times of war. They are the very best of our country, and I wholeheartedly celebrate them, as I hope we all can.

"It was a hugely constructive debate, with the consensus being that we need to see an overarching carrier strategy that brings together all Departments and all the issues discussed yesterday in one document that we can be debated and then taken forward."

A transcript of the debate can be read in full here.